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Zawadi Plus Program

Zawadi PLUS member program is a scheme designed to reward
our most loyal customers.

As a loyal Zawadi customer, you automatically qualify for our premier rewards programme, which provides you with up to 50% off every loan transaction as well as exclusive customer service.

Save Your Way To 50% Off


After the 3rd loan, every Zawadi customer will become member of our Zawadi Plus Ivory program and enjoy a 25% discount on the interests from the 4th loan onwards.

After the 6th loan, you will become member of our Zawadi Plus Gold program, and enjoy a 50% discount from the 7th loan onwards, as well as Exclusive Customer Services.

Exclusive Customer Service

As a Zawadi Plus Member, you will receive special contact information. Get your queries answered faster with prioritised status from our Customer ­Service Team.

For Zawadi Plus Gold customers, we put the icing on the cake: once your application is approved, we deliver your cheque to your door!